AED Grants: How to Get an AED Donated or Funded

The cost of an AED is both priceless and expensive. It’s priceless because you simply cannot put a price on saving a life. However, the reality is that there is a significant price tag for an automated external defibrillator. Grants can sometimes be a route for many organizations to get the defibrillator they need. However, what happens when your organization doesn’t meet the criteria set out in the grant requirements? Perhaps your organization is small, and simply doesn’t have the resources to put in the time required for writing a grant application.

Below we’ve pulled together some potential resources you should consider for AED funding. If we can aid your organization in creating a route toward getting an AED, we’d love to help. Connect with us about setting up a campaign for your community youth organization to cover the cost of an AED, today!

Defibrillator funded through an AED grant

Finding and Winning an AED Grant

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While we don’t keep a list handy of available AED grants because grant availability is always changing, and the parameters of each grant will vary based on the funding organization’s targeted beneficiaries, we can tell you that a well-written grant application will likely go a long way toward getting the AED funding your organization needs. When searching for an AED grant, don’t limit your internet search to “AED grant.” The simple reason is that this search is very narrow, and funding specifically rendered for AEDs will be few and far between. That said, check with local community resources. Offices like your local elected representatives may know where to point you in the right direction. You could also put a call out on social media asking if anyone in your youth organization’s network knows of community grants or foundations that have specifically set aside money for things like this. There are often many opportunities available for funding various community projects, and chances are you may be able to secure money through a fund that has a wider range of application. If you have found a potential opportunity to fund an AED, be sure to outline both the ways in which your organization benefits the community as well as the ways in which the availability of an AED would benefit your organization and the wider community.

Here are a few helpful tips when writing an AED grant application:

  • Read the grant application carefully. Chances are, many other applicants will be vying for the same funding. Don’t let it be an easy choice