How our site works is important, but knowing how an AED device works is even more important. Simply having one doesn’t save lives. You need to know how to store it, maintain it and use it. In other words, an AED is a responsibility. You’re going to need plan (see #5). Let’s get started!

1. Start a Campaign

We believe that there are lots of generous people willing to help you acquire an AED device. You just haven’t found each other yet. Pretend that you are part reporter and part salesman. Share your story with our community. Tell us what you do for children, why you need an AED device, and the challenges you’ve faced getting one. Make us love you. Then, upload one of those awesome photos to capture our hearts and minds.

2. Alert your Network

Are you a school? Ask the Principal to email the families. Are you a sports team? Get the commissioner to blast the entire league. Are you a recreation center? Visit the Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce. Think about all of the lives you touch. Then, ask them to help you protect the students.

3. Reach your Goal

Just over one thousand dollars gets your facility an AED and cabinet (or backpack). Can you get $100 from ten people, or $10 from one hundred people? When you break it down like that, it’s not that much money. When you reach your goal, our partner distributor will ship your AED and cabinet to your front door.

4. Check the Mail

Within two weeks of reaching your goal, you will receive your AED device and wall cabinet. It will be shipped directly by the AED distributor to the address that you provided.

5. Get a Plan

The AED arrived. Now what? Place the cabinet and AED device in a centralized and accessible place. Never lock it. Sit everyone down and come up with an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). We have some resources for you. If you need additional help, drop us a line!