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Why are some of the campaigns a different price?2019-07-03T05:13:12+00:00

The price of an AED device with maintenance fees remains constant but there are a few variables that can change the overall price of the device. The city and state taxes along with storage options (backpack, outdoor cabinet and indoor cabinet) will change depending on where the device is going and how it will be stored.

Why did you start this initiative?2019-07-03T05:07:21+00:00

We created this initiative so that anyone can easily raise money for an AED. We heard too many stories about youth facilities that wanted an AED but didn’t have the money or a plan to get one.

Does GotAED make any money from my donation?2018-08-02T05:24:21+00:00

Just a little. GotAED keeps a very small portion of the funds raised from successful campaigns to help cover the costs of operating this business. Everything else goes to our AED distributor and credit card processor.

How long does it usually take to fully fund a campaign?2018-05-01T08:40:18+00:00

It depends on how motivated the campaign creator is with outreach, but the average time to fund a campaign is about one month.

Is the donor notified with progress updates about the campaign?2018-05-01T08:39:41+00:00

Yes. Automated emails are sent out each time the campaign receives a donation. You will also be notified when the campaign is fully funded.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?2018-05-01T08:39:15+00:00

Yes, an email is sent out when a donation is successful.

Is this donation tax deductible?