Our Team

We are an initiative of Simon’s Heart, so for the time being, we are leveraging its resources. In the near future, we expect that GotAED will have its own team.

Our Mission

To protect children from sudden cardiac death by making it possible, practical and affordable for youth-related facilities to acquire an AED device.

Our Business Model

GotAED brings generous people together with youth facilities in need of AED devices. The process is simple. A facility starts a campaign and shares its story. The campaign price is determined based on unique pricing from our distribution partner, and the place where the AED will be stored (e.g., inside or outside). Once the campaign goal is achieved, GotAED uses the funds to purchase the AED and cabinet. A small portion of the campaign is retained by Simon’s Heart to pay for the management and operation of this site. The AED distributor ships the AED device and cabinet to the facility. Now, you’ve Got AED!

We have gone to great lengths to find the lowest priced AED for you. However, cheap is not our primary concern. We need a distribution partner who can meet the demand we expect from operating this crowdfunding site, and who is brand agnostic because we want to encourage all manufacturers to participate in this venture.

Our History

GotAED was inspired by Simon’s Heart, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in children. In 2007, Simon’s Heart began providing free youth heart screenings. It believed that primary prevention, detection of heart conditions, was critical for the prevention of sudden cardiac death. To further this end, it also launched Screen Across America (www.screenacrossamerica.org) and HeartBytes, the first digital cardiac registry of seemingly healthy kids. In recent years, it expanded its focus to secondary intervention – being prepared when cardiac arrest strikes. Unfortunately, many youth-related facilities are not. They lack the resources required to obtain an AED device. This gave rise to the idea of GotAED – a crowdfunding platform to facilitate that transaction.