How Much Does an AED Cost? Purchase Price & Funding Solutions

It’s hard to put a price on saving someone’s life, but the machines that help do require a budget. At GotAED, we understand and appreciate how tight budgets can be for youth-related organizations and schools. We don’t want something like AED cost to ever be the reason a child was unable to get the life-saving help they needed, especially as children are often overlooked as potential victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

If your organization is in need of an AED on its premises but is hampered by AED cost, let us help you start a campaign to fund it.

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Aspects Affecting the Cost of an AED

Like any other appliance or tool, there are various models of AEDs with various specs. Like most things, the more bells and whistles, the costlier the AED becomes. However, all AEDs come with the most important features – battery, defibrillator pads, and the ability to assess the victim and deliver a life-saving shock, if needed.  Depending on the age of your children, you may want to consider pediatric pads too.  That said, AEDs can retail for anywhere between $1,100 – $2,500.

However, there is more to just the initial price tag when purchasing an AED. You will need a place to store the AED. You will also need to replace the pads and battery over time.

How GotAED Helps Youth Organizations Offset AED Costs

GotAED is an initiative of Simon’s Heart, a nonprofit organization that is committed to preventing sudden cardiac arrest and death in children. The purpose of GotAED is to provide a route for youth-serving nonprofit organizations to acquire an AED without the cost being an obstruction. A tight budget should never get in the way of an organization’s ability to save a life. Too many times, youth-focused organizations have had to put acquiring an AED aside simply because of budgetary restraints.