Free AED Devices for Schools

It’s a shame. It’s well established that automated external defibrillators (AED) save lives. Your state may even require schools to have one (although most states do not). However, there is no funding. You are forced to find a way to pay for this lifesaving device.

The school has smoke detectors, fire alarms and a security system. Were those free?

Unfortunately, free AED devices are hard to come by. There are not many sources for grant funding. Sometimes, there is a local heart organization whose mission is to distribute AED devices to the community. Organizations like Kiwanis and Rotary Club regularly make donations.  But, you don’t need free. This site was started to empower schools to get AED devices, easily, quickly and inexpensively. For about $850 (depending on your state), you can obtain an AED device and wall cabinet through a crowfunding campaign. That is not much money to raise – 85 people each contribute $10 . . . there are so many possibilities.

Give it a try. How many email addresses do you have? How many people are follow your Facebook page? What about the athletic or band boosters? Is there a PTA or “friends of” organization?

First, make the case. Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death of adults in this country and the #1 cause of death of student athletes. Kylee Shea’s collapsed in her middle school and was saved because the school had an AED. In this two-minute video, Kylee show s us around her school and shares her story. Show that. You’ll get donations!

Second, introduce your school and need. Are you looking for one device or more? An AED device should be applied within three minutes of the event. This metric can help determine the ideal number of devices for the school. How many students are there? How many teams and student athletes? How many organizations use the facility after school on and weekends? How many times are parents and grandparents present on campus? All of these people should be adequately protected while in the building.

Third, share a photo or video of the school. Get the students involved. Ask them to record a quick message to the community. Talk about the importance of school safety. Describe all of the measures that parents and administrators take to protect students. It is unfortunate there is no budget for an AED device, but everyone believes it is a necessity.

Share the link. As mentioned above, there are many places to find people who will be receptive to this campaign. Get the students involved (again)! The class or team or club that gets the most donations wins a pizza party, a homework pass, the right to come to school late, or access to the faculty bathroom (ok, that’s too much). You get the gist.

Free is definitely better. It is easy. But, it would also be great to win the lottery or receive an inheritance from a long lost uncle. While you wait for those things to happen, set up a campaign and get an AED device for your school (it’s almost as easy).