Sam Wizov

Sam Wizov
Lower Merion Township, PA

Date of Event: July 10, 2015

I was nine years old and on vacation with my family in rural Virginia. Like all 9 year olds will do, swimming underwater…games of who can hold their breath and swim the furthest, when my father saw me at the bottom of the pool. Not moving.  My Uncle did CPR for approximately 26 minutes until the paramedics arrived. After being taken to the closest hospital, I was airlifted to VCU in Richmond, VA. where I was placed on life support and in a coma for six days.

While at VCU I was given an S-ICD, a defibrillator and spent 28 days in the hospital.  I have since had the S-ICD replaced with an ICD and spent an additional 3 weeks at CHOP in Philadelphia, PA.

It has not gone unnoticed by me that an AED played a critical role in my survival.  Along with my Uncle knowing CPR, I would not be alive today without the use of an AED.



Diagnosis:  Long QT Syndrome

Treatment: ICD